Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top 3 Reasons To Stay Active With Your Music Career

The music business is no different than any other business in that in order to sustain and grow, you need to maintain a high level of activity. Imagine if the CEOs and employees at companies like Microsoft, Apple or Google just took a hiatus a few times a year just because. This is one of the reasons why these companies are so successful, because they're constantly innovating, creating and producing real results. They're always out there and in your face and you can't ignore them.

I've come up with three reasons why I believe it's paramount to stay active on a consistent basis and I certainly welcome any additions to this list that you can think of. The reasons I've come up with are:

1. For Yourself

By taking action and knocking important tasks off your to-do list one by one, you significantly increase your confidence level and self esteem. Every time you produce a result through your efforts you re-enforce your ability to accomplish even more in the future. You build integrity and belief in yourself. Eventually, you'll build so much momentum that things will roll along a little easier and you'll be able to focus more of your time and energy on new tasks that will inevitably crop up.

2. For Your Fans

If you really believe in your music and believe you have something to offer this world, then think of the fans out there whose lives will be enriched by your efforts. And that's really what it's all about--creating something that has so much value that people actually want it. You always have to think of what the end user is going to get out of the experience. As you're brainstorming new and creative ways to get your message out to your fans, make sure you include some kind of call to action for them so it becomes interactive and exciting.

3. To Attract Opportunities and Help From Others

Let's face it, if you're not doing anything to help yourself, then no one else is going to want to help you either. No band or artist is capable of building an empire around their music by themselves. We all need help in order to achieve our goals. And a lot of it. You need to surround yourself with a team of professionals--managers, producers, songwriters, booking agents, lawyers--to get to the top of the music industry mountain and you're not going to garner much interest if you're not already displaying some serious forward motion.

Try to make your efforts as public as possible, so everyone can see how hard you're working. Now more than ever, these industry professionals want to (read: have to) align themselves with artists who also know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The overblown budgets and many other resources that record companies used to provide are a thing of the past and the weight has been shifted onto your shoulders.

Please feel free to add to this list. We can all benefit from this kind of info and the more we share our experiences, the more likely we'll all be to achieve greater success. As I'm writing this blog, I'm sipping on a glass of cabernet, so here's to you and your successes... cheers!

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