Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey everyone, what do you think of the new layout? Believe me, I'm no graphic artist, so yep, this is just a template. But it's a different template and I'm quite impressed that I even accomplished that.

So now that we've established that I know nothing about graphic design, let's move on to something that I do know a little something about. I want to talk a bit about live performance. I think this is a huge topic and from what I can tell, it's overlooked by many bands and artists who are playing the scene. The most important thing on which you could possibly focus is absolutely your song writing; however, I feel that a well thought out, well executed live show is also paramount in setting yourself apart from the competition and subsequently bringing an ever-expanding fan base through the doors at your gigs.

Why Do YOU Go See Live Concerts?

Think about why you run screaming to your computer to purchase tickets to see the bands you love in concert. You're getting something of value in return for you hard earned dollars. You're being entertained. If you paid to see a live act because you were digging their tunes and then found that their show was kind of lame, you probably wouldn't rush back to see them again. You'd just enjoy listening to the songs you like and leave it at that.

This is not the impression you want to leave your fans with as they're walking away from one of your performances. You want them to be blown away! Visually and auditorily stimulated to the max. Think of a band that you run to see every time they roll into town. What is it about their show that makes you part with your money and spend your precious time going to see them? Really think about this and make a list of all these points so you can determine which of these ideas could be implemented by your band. Maybe it's the way they dress. Maybe they have a really cool stage set with some cool props. You have to be really creative when you're working with a limited budget and with limited space--as most clubs/venues generally don't have a very large stage--but it can be done if you do your homework.

Be Yourself, Only BIGGER!

I always stress to bands, though, that whatever it is you do, make sure it feels natural and it resonates with you. Don't try to be something you're not because you'll just feel self-conscious and it won't evolve into to anything that really works for you. Go inside yourself and look for things that you can accentuate and capitalize on. Let your true personality and character traits come out, but in a BIG way.

Ask Alice

alice cooper Pictures, Images and Photos

Alice Cooper is a great example. I'm pretty sure when he's at home with his family he doesn't hang himself or decapitate himself for laughs, but there's a part of his personality that he's acting out and it's all very real for him. I'm certainly not suggesting that these types of stage antics are for everyone, but because it's such an extreme example I think it makes a clear point.

And by the way, if you get a chance to go see him in screaming to your computer to purchase tickets to his show because it's worth every penny!


  1. Agreed! Every musician should have their own personality that allows people to connect with them. Layout looks pretty good btw! Thanks for sharing.. we'd love to connect with you to allow your clients to be featured in our online talent competition. First one is in January.
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    Thanks! Look forward to connecting

  2. Truer words have not been spoken... and now I'm left wondering what I want more -- to go see a great band kick my ass live, or to squeeze said ass back in to leather pants, apply "gunk" to my hair (oh wait -- I shave my head these days!), and prance about any and all stages that would have me, belching out MY brand o' sexy rawk unt roll once again...?? Ha Ha! I jest, of course, but the post made great sense. Sound advice for anyone who's currently in a live performing band, or gigging as a solo artist! I'll definitely direct my clients to this one for sure!
    (and no one needs to see me in leather pants these days, either... lol)

    Jon Mychal -- The Sonic Spa

  3. Haha, well said my friend! Cheers!!