Wednesday, August 1, 2012

THANK YOU For 15 Years Of Music Recording Bliss

This summer marks the 15th year that my recording studio, TRH Music Group (The Recording House) has been in existence.  I opened the doors waaayyy back in 1997 and my intention was to record my own music and help other artists get high quality recordings for a reasonable price.  And, of course, to have a lot of fun doing it.  So far that's exactly what I've done and it's been a blast!

I'd like to thank all the great people and artists that I've had the opportunity to work with over the years, it's truly been a pleasure and I've learned a tremendous amount from all of them.

It's been inspiring and just an amazing experience to watch many of these artists grow over the last decade and a half.  I've seen some of them get out of the basement and onto a stage for the very first time.  I've been a part of some of their first pro recording experiences.  I've watched some of them put together their first tours across Ontario, across Canada, across North America and across the globe.  I've watched some artists build a sustainable business and make a living from music alone.  I've seen some artists sign recording contracts with independent and major record labels around the world.  And most importantly, I've built many great relationships -- many of which have been going strong for almost the entire time -- and I'm very proud to have been a part of their musical journies. 

The music business has changed so drastically over the past 15 years and it's been really interesting to witness the creative ideas many artists have come up with to keep pushing forward with their music careers and their dreams.  I'm certainly looking forward to seeing where things go in the future and I'm very much looking foward to many more years of making music.


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  2. Thanks very much for the kind words, cheers!!

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