Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Protect Your Hearing

Paul Stanley of KISS is shining a light on hearing loss and I thought I'd post a link to this video of an interview he did on Good Day in New York City.

Your hearing is a pretty serious thing. I'm guessing most of us would rather not go without the ability to see or hear if we were forced to choose among our five senses. I know my hearing is pretty important to me as it would be a little difficult to produce and engineer recordings for a living without it. Plus I just kinda dig listening to music... A LOT!!!

Whenever I attend a concert--whether it's at the ACC in Toronto or just a small club--I always wear ear plugs. These live music events can easily reach volume levels of 110 decibels or higher and that is enough to damage your hearing permanently in a matter of minutes, so don't take any chances. Even listening to music at 90 decibels can cause irreparable damage over a period of fifteen or twenty minutes.

If you attend a lot of live shows and/or if you're in a band yourself, make sure you're protecting your hearing so you can listen to great music throughout your entire life.

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